While I have had a photography website for a while now this has been my first experience blogging. Ive learned quite a bit over the last few weeks. While I had a general understanding about blogging this class has taught me a greater sense of direction when it comes to running a blog. I feel […]

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Photography Continues to Connect

Since the 19th century photography has become one of the primary art forms that connects people. During the Civil War photography allowed for people to see what the aftermath of battles truly looked like. The photographs taken by wartime photographers in the 1860’s opened the eyes of the masses to the horrors of war. This […]

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Chipmunks in a Ghostown

Up in the mountains of Colorado, near the town of Buena Vista lies an abandoned mining town. Now a ghost town, one can see the remnants of a community that was. While parts of it have obviously been transformed into a tourist trap, other parts have been largely left untouched (minus historical reservation).┬áThe ghosts of […]

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